The Story Of The Time Vault

There were very few people that ever knew about the time vault, and, there are some that actually stepped inside the time vault…but…they were never heard from again…The, only other person to come in contact with the vault was the one that showed us, myself and Rockin’ Steve. Anyway, the guy reached in…and…something pulled him in fast! I mean real fast. I reached in to try and save him, but…I couldn’t feel anything…everything felt weird, and then it was like someone, or something pushed, I want to call it an image in light, anyway it’s pushed into my hand. It’s hard to explain. I just see who the artist is…and when I say the artists name, and the song out loud, the music starts playing out of seemingly nowhere on phantom speakers.

I have told know one else the location of the time vault because I was afraid they too would get lost in the vault as well. That’s why the location of the Time Vault remains a secret.

On August 5th, 2018…Rockin’ Steve was reaching into the time vault, and was very violently pulled in. Since then he has not been heard from. Every now and then I could swear I hear his voice. I’ll keep searching for him. I’m hear at the time vault every day, hoping to hear, or maybe even possibly see him.

The police, unable to ascertain the location of Rockin’ Steve, placed a warrant out for my arrest. Shortly after that the DA sent out an APB, and the police raided my house, confiscating all of my computers, and arresting my roommate as an accessory to murder. The following day the WLMR Studios were raided as well. It was then the Time Vault decided to take control of my life. While reaching in for the next song, I was pulled into the Time Vault. Now, the shows are still done daily, but from a different location each time. There is no advance knowledge of where the next show will be. The Time Vault never discloses a location.

Inside the Time Vault you never want, or need anything. You’re never tired, hungry, or thirsty. It’s the most amazing feeling ever. Every once in awhile I run into Rockin’ Steve. We’re both on our own paths, learning about the time stream, meeting others inside the Time Stream, and visiting places you can only imagine.

…and that’s the story of The Time Vault

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